June's Birthstone

How is it June already? 

Did you know one of the birthstones for June is in fact the Pearl.  

Pearls are the only gemstones made by living creatures. Mollusks produce pearls by depositing layers of calcium carbonate around microscopic irritants that get lodged in their shells, usually not a grain of sand, as commonly believed.

Kokichi Mikimoto is credited as the first man to create a cultured (or cultivated) pearl. In 1878, he began to methodically test ways to develop these gemstones in his own oyster beds. After nearly two decades of trial-and-error, he succeeded and received a patent for cultured pearls in 1896.

Le Peregrina (which means “the incomparable” in Spanish) is a pear-shaped pearl the size of a small egg. It is often regarded as one of the world’s most famous and historical pearls, and not only due to its unique shape and size. The history of this gem spans nearly 550 years. This jewel has been in the hands of different royal families including Queen Mary and Napoleon Bonaparte. More recently, the pearl had been given to famed British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor as a Valentine’s Day Gift. Taylor then commissioned Cartier to re-design the necklace, resetting it with rubies, diamonds, and additional pearls. In 2011, the necklace was sold for a whopping $11 million at a Christie’s auction in New York.

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